Ones 2 Watch - Crep Customizers

Ones 2 Watch - Crep Customizers

Written by Miz.


 Yes yes! Welcome to The SLMPD® Store. I'm Miz, ya man's favourite ginger, and today I'm gonna be looking at creps.

Not a post about pancakes unfortunately, however that would be a lit write-up; but creps, sneakers, trainers, those things I'll be wearing under my wedding dress on my big day - that good stuff there.
However, I'm not just going to sit here and chat to you about the hottest drops or where you can cop exclusive business, I'm going to be looking at the people in the sneaker community who take their passion for trainers that one step further.

So let's take a look at 4 of my favourite crep customizers that you can find on social media!

1. MeanGracie/Mean Feet

Gracie is a designer who specialises in customising trainers, favouring Nikes such as Air Force 1's. From beginning her Mean Feet journey in 2017, she has since amassed over 17,000 followers due to her incredible art and creativity when it comes to shoes. Inspired by the lack of releases in girls sizing and a pair of Reebok x Billionaire Boys Club trainers that she purchased from eBay, Gracie decided to give designing a go herself, with one of her early designs being her Playboy Air Force 1s. Despite these being her one of her most popular customs, and with other designers now following suit, she received a cease and desist from Playboy meaning Mean Feet could no longer create these beauties (sigh).

Mean Feet was founded via a collaboration project with Road140, where they created a custom pair of trainers paying homage to the LDN Grime scene, as they featured an underground tube map design with rappers' names at each stop and a train ticket as the tongue. Despite only just beginning her journey and still adapting to different qualities, these customs had no trouble in selling out.

Having since collaborated with Ellesse and Footlocker, the 'Don't Be Mean' brand has only grown bigger and bigger. With diamante Air Force 1s, Faze Miyake branded Air Max and even some iced out TN's, Gracie has shown how her fantastic mind and clever hands produce some of the best crep customisations that are out there right now.



2. Bandana Artist

From beginning their Instagram documentation only in February this year, Bandana Artist has quickly become the go-to designer for this type of customs. As said on their site, they're a "one-woman show", so customers can be sure that every pair is packed full of love, time and the workings of a brilliant mind. Due to high demand, it can take between 10-15 weeks for the customs to go into production and it takes between 4 and 6 weeks to finalise and ship each custom, which truly gives you an idea of the high work-rate that goes into these creations.

The Bandana Artist customises Vans, Air Force and Cortez', giving a wide variety of colour schemes and styles. With each custom sporting the bandana style, customers can pick their colour choices via the colour chart on their site where you can see how the shade works with the paisley design. Air Forces can be created with a partial design, a multi-colour design or a solid design, each priced differently. Vans are designed with a side piece or as a two-tone custom, and the Cortez' are created with a solid colour and a black swoosh or two-tone with a black swoosh.

Due to being based in the USA, shipping is calculated at a flat rate, but international shipping is determined at checkout. Customers have 48 hours to make any changes they require.


3. BVL Designs

Based in Leeds, 24 year-old BVL is a king at crep customisation. Working mainly with Nike Air Force 1's and Converse, BVL has a range of beautiful designs that stretch even further than just customising trainers. From designing trainers, phone cases, leather heels, skateboards and many more products, BVL has truly solidified his place in the designer community.

Customs are made and shipped within 3-4 of the order being made, but commissioned pieces can be suited to a certain timeframe. All artwork on the trainers are completely waterproof, and won't crack or peel due to each pair coming with a crep protective hydrophobic coating. Customers can have trainers they already own customised; they will have to cover the delivery fee but also have the perk of the shoes being used as a deposit.

Each custom is completely handmade, and each pair comes with a BVL box. Designs he has already created are priced between £135 and £250, but new designs typically start at the £200 mark.



4. Kiaun's Customs

Starting his journey in 2017, Florida based Kiaun customises a range of sneakers and apparel such as water bottles, masks and t-shirts. With a huge following of 27,000 on Instagram, his page is jam packed full of bright colours and wavy designs across a variety of trainers, like Jordans, Huaraches, Air Max, Vans, and so many more.

Sponsored by LUXE-BRAND and LeatherCare Supply, Kiaun's turnaround time is 4-6 weeks and his website showcases the wide range of customisations he has completed. Working with bright colours, drip designs, designer logo styles and even cartoon characters, Kiaun’s Customs works with any idea to finally create the desired product. Both adult and kids trainers can be customised, bringing inclusivity into his brand with ease.

Kiaun works Monday to Saturday, putting all of his time and effort in these customisations, and he can be contacted via his social media, email or website. Pricing for personal customisations are discussed via social media.


And there's four of my favourite crep customisers that can be found online!

Please check out their Instagram's and websites by clicking their names within the write-up.

Catch you on the flipside peoples.


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