The Journey

SLMPD CO® Is a motivational lifestyle brand influenced by the streetwear & urban culture today in the UK. The diversity behind the name of the brand is one of the unique reasons SLMPD CO® stand out today; as well as the limited capsule drops & exclusive high-quality apparel.
The idea of SLMPD CO® was founded & birthed in 2014, by UK Music Producer SNY. Not until 2 years later in 2016 was when we first released a piece of clothing, bringing our ideas to reality. Deriving from the word 'slumped', which in street slang means to be chilled out, laid back & humbled. This is also where there is a twist in the name, using 'SLMPD' as an acronym for 'Success Links Motivation, Passion & Drive.' Since then, customers have used the acronym to stand for something linked to their specific lives giving the brand a more personal, fun & individual meaning closer to them. With the likes of Jamal Edwards MBE (SBTV) being spotted wearing the brand, the ethos is to motivate through fashion and grow from strength to strength!
Being driven from a positive standpoint, the brand combines high-quality craftsmanship and a grittier urban influence, resulting in apparel that will withstand anything you may face as a city-dweller, whether that city be in the UK, USA, or anywhere!
Remember; Success Links Motivation, Passion & Drive.
Welcome to our brand.
A Higher Hierarchy.